WWE: 10 Shockingly Racist Gimmicks That Made Fans' Jaws Drop

God bless them, but WWE's creative can come up with some horribly offensive clunkers.

The WWE and wrestling in general has never been known for its sensitive portrayal of ethnic and racial matters. Every wrestler has to have an interesting spin or gimmick and it is all too easy for the company to fall back on ethnic and racial stereotypes, frequently offending entire nations or ethnic groups. Even my home nation €“ Northern Ireland €“ has been fair game for stereotyping in the form of Dave 'Fit' Finlay, the erstwhile 'Bruiser from Belfast'. He can't just walk into the ring, he has to have a shillelagh stick to beat people up with. The shillelagh stick is quite a small gimmick compared to some of the racist goings-on in this list €“ nations have been slandered and people racially humiliated. Of course, this makes for compelling viewing for many people. I actually have an M.Phil in Ethnic and Racial studies, so I've a real passion and interest in racism and stereotyping €“ particularly in the WWE with its cartoonish characters and outrageous plots. Below are some of my favourite politically incorrect faux pas in the WWE. Please feel free to add your own in the comments.

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