WWE: 12 Shocking Real-Life Incidents Wrestlers Want You To Forget

Warning – this article ends with an exploding police station. Honestly, that happened.

In light of Matt Hardy's January hotel room, ummm .... "scuffle" with his wife, I thought we'd take this time to look at professional wrestling's strange relationship with the law. Occasionally people are arrested in storyline such as Stone Cold, The Undertaker and Goldberg, but in the real world, you€™d have multiple counts of Grievous Bodily Harm every time there was a hardcore match. And a Public Indecency charge every time Mae Young took her clothes off, God rest her soul. Every now and then, however, wrestlers get arrested in the very real sense of the word. Most of the time, its for drink or drugs related offences, but then there are those who have committed crimes so heinous that it stains their career forever. Here, we look at 12 times wrestlers did bad things, got caught and wish they hadn€™t done it (or that they hadn€™t got caught) Before we begin, I should note some exemptions. Firstly, Chris Benoit is not mentioned here, as I am among that camp of people who prefer to remember him for his in-ring talent rather than his hideous actions in the last few days of his life, which have received more than enough infamy as it is. Secondly, this list does not include any drinking or drugs related offences, because if they're added, we'd probably be here forever, and I'm sure you've all got jobs, social lives and crippling addictions to daytime TV to nurse. All clear? Smashing, on with the show!

Stephen Maher has been a rock star, a bouncer, a banker and a busker on various streets in various countries. He's hung out with Robert Plant, he was at Nelson Mandela's birthday and he's swapped stories with prostitutes and crack addicts. He once performed at a Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras by accident. These days, he passes the time by writing about music, wrestling, games and other forms of nerdery. And he rarely drinks the blood of the innocent.