WWE: 12 Worst Entrance Songs Of All Time

Alberto Del Rio When you think of some of the best wrestlers of all time, you no doubt think of their entrance songs along with them. The WWE's composer and music supervisor Jim Johnston has done some great work over the years, with themes for wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels amongst many other iconic themes that have gone on to define characters almost as much as the wrestlers themselves. However, with a near thirty year tenure with the WWE, there are bound to have been a few stinkers on Johnston's watch. The following are some of the very worst, themes that would have you egging on a wrestler's opponent just so you wouldn't have to hear that awful theme song again should they win the match.

12. Randy Orton - Voices

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVFWwYKf2FE As if the incessant chatter on commentary about Randy Orton 'going to that place' or 'hearing voices' as he gears up for an RKO wasn't enough, Orton's entrance music thankfully reiterates that he hears voices, in his head over some decidedly generic guitar wails. With lyrics seemingly inspired by the philosophical musings of a fourteen-year-old loner, Voices takes pot shots at targets like preachers (how edgy), politicians (pretty cerebral) and doctors (those no-good doctors, giving flu jabs and the like). Orton supposedly turned down using Killswitch Engage's This Fire Burns, later used by CM Punk, in favour of this song, so at least he likes it.
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