WWE: 14 Gross-Out Moments That Made You Gag

There's nothing Vince McMahon likes more than to make you lose your lunch.

Whether you watch WWE for the story lines, athletics, unusual characters, the love of the sport, or just for some old fashioned escapist entertainment, one thing that is undeniable is that every Raw, Smackdown, live event or PPV evokes strong emotions in every fan. From the thrill of a great match to the agony of a stinker, from belly laughing at backstage segments to groaning at awkward promos, from cheering our favorites to booing the heels, every event is a roller coaster of emotions. WWE is the puppeteer of feelings and their audience mere marionettes. Somewhere on the spectrum of human emotion is the feeling of disgust. When used correctly, tapping into that disgust can be a powerful tool in manipulating our expectations, getting attention, or enhancing a feud, match, or angle, and of course WWE has been known to do this, but then, in truth, sometimes Vince McMahon just enjoys grossing us out. Whether it's an inherently repellent gimmick, a nauseating finish, or anything to do with butts (he's a tiny bit obsessed it seems,) WWE has amassed a (dirty) laundry list of gross-out moments that have induced gags far and wide. The following list will revisit 14 of these moments, many not for the faint of heart. Be sure to grab the nearest bowl, bucket, or bag just in case you might need it. Since everyone has different gag-reflexes it would be impossible to rank these in a true order. Please let us know which moment was think was the grossest!

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