WWE 24/7 Championship RETIRED?!

R-Truth yet to be reached (or rolled up) for comment...

24/7 Championship Retired

Well, no, not really, but plenty of folk were worried it was for a short while.

As spotted by @WWEVacant and others online, the company website listed the belt as "Retired" for a short while, before normality was restored when the error was corrected.


All very silly and reactionary in principle, but it speaks to how successful the concept has been in 2019 that anybody would even give a sh*t about its potential demise at all. With 26-time champion R-Truth as a reliable steward, the title has occasionally brought a sense of fun to dour editions of Monday Night Raw, though the booking of the division seems relative to how serious WWE's creative team takes the rest of the show - when the company are trying to get more acts over, the league takes a backseat and becomes a giant chase scene.


In separate mini-programmes with Jinder Mahal, Drake Maverick and The Singh Brothers, Truth has ensured that the company has a go-to if they have airtime to fill. The prospect of this no longer being the case was enough to worry fans for a few hours, at least.

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