WWE 2K15: 20 Iconic WrestleMania Matches You Should Relive

You need to relive these 20 iconic WrestleMania matches with WWE 2K15.

WWE 2K15 is a massive improvement over its predecessor, but not quite perfect. Despite those issues, the game is still a lot of fun whether you're playing alone, with friends, or online. With the disappointing looking WrestleMania 31 fast approaching, a lot of fans are now looking back at previous years and the classic matches which make the event so great. While it's easy to relive every WrestleMania ever on the WWE Network, why just watch when you can actually live them out? The video game's roster is too thin to play every classic match from the annual event, but there's enough Superstars to recreate many of them. For some of these matches, it's just good fun to try and relive many of the amazing spots which made them so memorable. For others, you may want to change the outcome. After all, WrestleMania isn't without its fair share of controversy when it comes to who should have emerged victorious from one match or another! Do you believe The Streak should have never ended? Well, WWE 2K15 obviously gives you the chance to rectify that. Here, you will find twenty of the most iconic WrestleMania matches along with an explanation as to why they're most definitely worth your time to replay in the game.
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