WWE 2K22 DLC Plans Cancelled Due To Wrestler Releases

WWE's year of mass roster cuts has taken a toll on the upcoming video game.

WWE 2K22
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2021 has been a year of mass releases for WWE, with the promotion jettisoning dozens of wrestlers from its talent rosters under the guise of "budget cuts", mostly. This has resulted in understandable criticism, as Vince McMahon's promotion is currently more profitable than ever before.

Now, the releases are messing with WWE's video game plans.

Sports Gamers Online's Mike Straw reports that developers Visual Concepts, as well as publishers 2K Sports, were forced to scrap established WWE 2K22 DLC plans as a consequence of the cuts. One of the names set to be featured in such a pack was former NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed, who was let go by WWE on 6 August despite playing a prominent televised role for much of 2021.


At least four of the wrestlers released by WWE on that date were set to be included in DLC. Reed aside, nobody else has been confirmed as part of that group, with WWE cutting 13 NXT wrestlers including Mercedes Martinez, Bobby Fish, Jake Atlas, and others on that date.

Straw writes of talk that Visual Concepts and 2K Sports may now cancel DLC outright, though this hasn't been confirmed.


WWE 2K22 is due to be released in March 2022.

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