WWE: 3 Key Reasons Daniel Bryan's Boyhood Dream Came True

It was a reaction over two years in the making. From the World Title run, to the 17-second WrestleMania match, to the wedding angle, and Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan had run through the gamut of the WWE card. His most recent storyline positioned him under the wing of Bray Wyatt and the rest of the Wyatt Family. The alleged heel turn, which involved subdued emotions and a janitor€™s uniform, was widely panned as most of internet fans interpreted the move as a means to deflect the momentum that Bryan€™s character had been building.

However, in the main event of Raw this past Monday, at 11:04 PM Eastern Standard Time and following a Steel Cage Match loss to the Usos, Daniel Bryan countered an attempted punishment from Bray Wyatt and stood have-to-face with his suppressor. The fate of Daniel Bryan€™s worth was on the line as both men remained still in the moment, allowing the crowd to soak in the importance of the next move. By 11:07 PM, the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island came unglued as they chanted €œYes, Yes, Yes€ in perfect unison to an orchestra conductor that sat proudly atop a cage. Keith Lockhart doesn€™t command the Boston Pops as beautifully as Daniel Bryan did the fans of WWE.

The question that lingers about Daniel Bryan€™s success is how is he so over? What is it about him that makes the former American Dragon the most popular babyface in the WWE?

Here are 3 Key Reasons the Boyhood Dream Has Come True:

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