WWE "Don't Like" This NXT Star's Goldberg-Inspired Tattoo

A top NXT wrestler says WWE aren't too keen on his Bill Goldberg-inspired ink work.

Bron Breakker Dolph Ziggler

Bron Breakker has told Ryan Satin's 'Out Of Character' show that WWE "don't like" the tattoo on his left shoulder.

The current (and two-time) NXT Champion said he got that ink work done when he was just 18 years old, and he's not too fond of it these days either. During the interview, Breakker also admitted that he got the tatt as a tribute to childhood favourite Bill Goldberg.

Bron's other faves included Triple H, his father Rick and his uncle Scott Steiner. It'd probably be way more embarrassing had he plumped for, 'It's Time To Play The Game' or something else Trips-related, but at least Breakker is able to have a laugh about how cool he thought he was as a teenager.


WWE don't really see things the same way. The company are keen to have Bron cover it up as soon as possible - that's something he's planning on doing eventually, but Breakker said it's "not a priority right now". He's more concerned with improving as a worker and making his way up the WWE ladder.

That tattoo will need dealt with at some point though.

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