WWE "Fine" Becky Lynch $10,000 For Attacking Referee

The Man's Raw Women's Title match with Sasha Banks got messy last night.

Becky Lynch Referee

Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks' Raw Women's Championship match spiralled out of control at Clash of Champions 2019 last night, with 'The Man' retaining her big red belt after inadvertently nailing the referee with a steel chair earlier in the bout.

Banks brought the chair into play but initially had it pried from her hands by the official. Becky then grabbed it and aimed a chairshot at her challenger, but 'The Boss' ducked, and the steel collided with the man in black and white stripes.

The contest only got more chaotic from there, with Banks and Lynch's brawling spilling into the crowd. The finish should set them up for a rematch as well, and now, WWE have announced a storyline $10,000 fine for Lynch "inadvertently striking a referee."


This will almost certainly be followed up on during tonight's episode of Raw. Though Lynch left with her belt, she didn't exactly walk out of the building covered in glory, and there's still plenty of ground for her and Banks to cover as feud partners. Expect their issues to keep rumbling on until Hell In A Cell (6 October) at the very least.

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