WWE "Very Interested" In Signing Marty Scurll

Following his ROH exit, the Villain again has major WWE interest.

Marty Scurll NWA Into the Fire
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Following the earlier news that Marty Scurll and Ring of Honor had now officially parted ways, WWE is said to have major interest in the Villain.

As per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment juggernaut is “very interested” in signing Scurll now that he’s once more a free agent.

This isn’t the first time that WWE has shown interest in the head of Villain Enterprises, with WWE and AEW both making offers to Scurll at the end of 2019. Ultimately, the Brit would opt to sign a multi-year deal with Ring of Honor in January 2020 that was the most lucrative in the promotion’s history, and this contract also made him the head booker of ROH.


After Scurll was named in the Speaking Out Movement in June, ROH launched an internal investigation into the matter before then holding off using the 32-year-old in either an on-screen or creative role once the company was able to recommence its TV tapings. October saw Scurll’s details quietly removed from the ROH website, and yesterday saw it announced that he’d formally made his exit.

Meltzer’s latest report on this adds that WWE does not view the accusations made against Marty Scurll as being a reason not to sign the talent. No criminal charges were filed against Scurll, although he did admit that what he was accused of did take place, but that it was consensual.


As for AEW, it’s believed that they don’t have any real interest in signing Scurll, however New Japan Pro Wrestling is another who are said to be prepared to look past the accusations levied at Marty and offer him a second chance.

Given how Marty Scurll does not have US citizenship, that means that he’ll have to find employment sooner rather than later should he wish to remain in the United States.

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