WWE: 4 Reasons Why CM Punk Is The Best In The World

cm punk wwe champion Over the years, a lot of wrestlers have adopted nicknames. Bret Hart called himself "The Excellence of Execution". The Rock calls himself "The Great One". Rob Van Dam is "The Whole F'n Show". In June of 2011, CM Punk proclaimed himself "The Best In The World". In the year and a half since then, he has gone on to prove that again and again. But for any doubters, here are four reasons why CM Punk truly is The Best In The World.

4. In Ring Abilities

cmou CM Punk is one of the most talented superstars to ever grace the WWE ring. He can work just about any style from high flying to brawling to technical. Every time he sets foot in the ring, he delivers no matter who is across the ring from him (except The Great Khali because no one can have a great match with Khali). He devastates opponents with his powerful kicks, knees and backhand chops. He can make anyone tap out to the Anaconda Vice or knock them out with the Go To Sleep.
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