WWE: 6 Most Unique Fans Who Occupied WWE Raw With Daniel Bryan

4. Lita Doppelgänger

Litalookalikeoccupyraw Gif Don't lie. You too did a double take when you thought you saw former WWE Women's Champion and soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer, Lita, enter the ring this past Monday night. The red hair, the tattoo sleeves, the piercing, hell this Lita look alike even shares some of Lita's facial features, but alas it was not. Regardless of the disappointment that it was not actually Lita returning to the WWE and joining the Yes Movement, cheers to you Lita Doppelgänger, even though I'm 100% convinced after seeing you interviewed on WWE Network's Raw Backstage Pass that you are a WWE employee.

3. The Yes Movement Muscle

Securitynooccupyraw Gif When Triple H and Stephanie McMahon pull a Michael Bloomberg and send two big (out-of-shape) brutes down the entrance ramp to, in essence, evict the Occupy Raw encampment, these brave heroes of the Yes Movement stand up and refuse to be moved. The heart, the fortitude, and as you can see the sheer hulking appearance of what can only be described as the muscle of the Yes Movement, easily send these two fools packing.

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