WWE: 5 Awful Superstar Nicknames

1. Booger Red - The Undertaker

the-undertaker-2 In the famous words of King to JR at WrestleMania X8 "What the hell is a Booger Red?!" I know 2002 isn't recent but I've made an exception for this one as it is truly awful. I really enjoyed the whole UnderBiker run for what its worth but his whole " Respect Me !" gimmick bothered me, the problem I had with it was that it came after a year and a half of him standing up to the biggest guys in the company, not backing down from the likes of HHH, Austin, Rikishi and standing up to pretty much the whole Alliance, suddenly he turns to beating up the likes of Maven and RVD, and behaving like a bitch while doing it. I'll buy a fantastical deadman character pretty easily, but if you want to present someone as "realistic," then keep it consistent. After being " Screwed" by Ric Flair at No Way Out 2002, Taker challenged Flair to match at Wrestlemania X8. Weeks went by with Flair rejecting the match and Taker trying get him to fight but finally after ambushing David Flair and giving him an absolute hiding, Flair accepted his challenge. The match between the two legend is where Jim Ross came up with "Booger Red". To explain it who better than JR himself: " It was a failed nickname for the Undertaker that I came up with figuratively that took a Ric Flair face bump. Booger Red was not only the nickname of former Texas Linebacker and HOF'er Tommy Nobis, who was a gridiron beast, but also a famous Texas quarterhorse. Taker is a natural redhead and if you look up the word 'booger' in the dictionary you will 'get it.' But the mere fact that I've had to take this much time to describe it equates to the name bombing. Can't win them all.." Feel free to add your Best and Worst nicknames below? And why?

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