WWE: 5 Reasons AJ Styles Won't Be Signed (And 5 Reasons Why They Should)

aj styles A.J Styles is the hottest free agent in professional wrestling right now. Believe it. The former TNA and NWA World Champion, fresh from a unique and innovative globetrotting run as the outcast TNA Champ, recently left the company he has proudly represented for a whopping eleven and a half years amid rumours of contractual disputes as well as TNA's much-publicized financial struggles... Now, I don't know what really happened behind closed doors (and neither does anyone outside the business who claims to). I'm not even going to bother speculating. Styles is tight-lipped to the point of cagey about the subject in interviews, but he goes out of his way to stress that there are no hard feelings between the two estranged parties. Whilst the reasons for his departure may remain a subject of considerable debate, 'The Phenomenal One' is very open about the subject of potentially working for the WWE. In several interviews given over the last few months, he has definitively stated that he would consider an offer from them. In a recent interview with 'Power Slam' magazine, to cite just one example, Styles said "Sure (I'd like to work for WWE). I mean, this is a job: this is what I do for a living. Its not about being on TV every week or whatever, its about making sure I can pay the bills". Of course, a main event run (even a short one) with the world's biggest and most prominent wrestling promotion (or, if you prefer 'sports-entertainment franchise') would probably pay a heck of a lot of bills. Despite this, A.J maintains that WWE have not contacted him with any sort of offer. "I haven't talked to WWE at all." he stressed later in the aforementioned interview, before saying "If they were interested, they would have said something. Or maybe they're just making sure I don't have a contract with TNA. I don't know what their deal is" Styles won his last TNA World Heavyweight Championship in a gut busting ECW-style matchup with Bully Ray at last year's 'Bound For Glory'. He then celebrated in style with legions of adoring fans. After that, he (kayfabe) left TNA, apparently disgusted by the nefarious tactics of heel president Dixie Carter and decided to take his TNA title "to the people". To this end, Styles competed in Japan, Mexico and goodness-knows-where-else, taking the TNA Championship on a journey around the world. All of this was good cover, considering that the champ was only signed to a temporary contract at the time. It was also a huge gesture of trust between Styles and TNA, a genuine rarity in the wrestling biz. So, why haven't WWE hired A.J Styles? Especially as he is the hottest free agent in the world right now? Here are 5 reasons why they probably won't (together with five more why they really should)...
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