WWE: 6 Crowds That Most Hated John Cena

John Cena is a name synonymous with controversy. Nowadays crowds being firmly against Cena is commonplace, but there have been times in his career where crowds have not only been firmly against him, but they wanted his head. Crowds that were ready to riot, ready to rip Cena limb for limb and leave nothing left of him except a pair of shorts and a brightly coloured T-shirt with whatever his present catchphrase was. Here we will took a look back at the crowds that would of sooner welcomed the apocalypse than another Cena title reign. These audiences wanted blood, and in certain cases got just that. For every wrestling fan out there who's blood boils at the sight of Cena, here is your chance to relive these great moments and experience the sheer aggression displayed by these fans and the pandemonium they created. If you€™re an avid Cena fan then maybe now is the time to look away as what€˜s following is in no way pretty, although if you are ready to revel in the pure hatred audiences have bestowed upon Cena, you€™re in for a treat. Let€™s begin...
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