WWE: 7 Innovations Jim Cornette Did That Changed Wrestling

Jim Cornette's history in the wrestling business is pretty incredible when you consider that he's worked for every major professional wrestling company in America and did so under a variety of roles. Cornette was a force in the wrestling business in his early 20s as a manger most notably for the Midnight Express tag team. He also worked for WCW and WWE while running his Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion in the early 1990s as well. He's also roles in both TNA Wrestling and Ring of Honor as part of the creative process as well as an on screen figurehead. There are few people in the business smarter than Jim Cornette. He's most known for his work as an on screen manager, but it's his creative mind that kept opening doors for him. Even though he wasn't a wrestler, he even took part in some matches over the years too. Cornette's intelligence is what got him hired by so many different companies, but that also led to many stops along the way too. He's always been a very opinionated guy, which definitely rubbed some of his employers the wrong way. Somebody with his mind and experience should have been a WWE creative force for over 20 years, but it wasn't meant to be. He's made a huge impact on the wrestling business whether the average fan knows it or not. Here's a look at some the great things that Cornette has done in his nearly 30 year career in wrestling.
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