WWE Add 'Bar Fight' To The Horror Show At Extreme Rules 2020

The gimmicks keep on coming!

WWE added a 'Bar Fight' between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy to The Horror Show At Extreme Rules on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The challenge was passed over via The Miz and John Morrison on Miz TV, and was accepted by Hardy before he attacked the clownish pair. That led to a match between Jeff and Miz, which Hardy won.

It was rather weird that Sheamus didn't fire out the challenge himself. It wouldn't have been difficult for WWE to script a special promo interruption (perhaps introduced by Miz or Morrison) that showed the big fella' laying out what he wants to happen on the 19 July pay-per-view.


This 'Bar Fight' is the latest stipulation bout WWE has added to the gimmick-heavy show. Elsewhere, Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt will contest a 'Swamp Fight', Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins are having an 'Eye For An Eye' match and Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE Title against Dolph Ziggler in a stip bout that's yet to be revealed.

Expect broken beer bottles, some fake booze being poured all over Jeff and numerous commentary nods to his addictions during the 'Bar Fight'.

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