WWE Adds Two "Showcase" Matches To WrestleMania 39

Are these "Showcase" matches a replacement for WrestleMania's usual battle royals?

WWE WrestleMania 39 Showcase

WWE has added two tag-team "Showcase" bouts to the match line up for next month's WrestleMania 39 weekender in Hollywood.

The promotion will be running qualifying matches to determine who competes in twin tag 'Fatal-Four-Ways' on nights one and two. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez were the first names confirmed for the women's match - they beat Tegan Nox and Emma in a short, squash-style showing on this week's episode of SmackDown.


Fans can expect to see lots of these qualifiers over coming editions of Raw and SmackDown. It'll be an easy way for Triple H and his creative team to fill up TV, and it looks like these "Showcases" may be replacements for the usual 'Mania battle royals WWE likes to put on.

Those had always been paper-thin excuses to cram as many names as possible onto WrestleMania cards anyway. Now, hopefully, these tag "Showcases" will offer number one contendership status to the winners for the Undisputed and Women's Tag-Team belts.


Some fans have already expressed concerns for the Morgan/Rodriguez tandem though. It's another of those thrown-together tag ideas that WWE has become so fond of.

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