WWE Adds Unlikely Match To Extreme Rules 2021 Lineup

There can't be many who saw this one-on-one bout coming at WWE Extreme Rules.

Liv Morgan Toni Storm

Liv Morgan vs. Carmella has been announced for Extreme Rules on 26 September.

WWE set the match up on Friday's episode of SmackDown during a tag bout pitting Liv and Toni Storm vs. 'Mella and Zelina Vega - during it, the heel squad took a count out loss when Carmella's face was rammed into the turnbuckle and she faked a broken nose.

Morgan grabbed the mic and challenged her on/off foe to a match on the next pay-per-view. Later, after learning that she was still "the most beautiful woman in all of WWE", 'Mella agreed to face Liv at Extreme Rules and put her in her place.


This might be the most unlikely singles bout WWE could've booked.

It's hardly a downer to see Morgan or 'Mella get a spot on pay-per-view though. Both women (especially Liv) have been overlooked lately, and they could have some fun if WWE hand them some time to work with; of course, there is a chance that this will be the designated Kickoff scrap and won't actually air on the main show.


That's yet to be confirmed. For now, these ladies are pay-per-view bound.

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