WWE Advertising The Hardy Boyz For RAW Tonight

Plus Universal Champion Brock Lesnar!

WrestleMania 33 Hardy Boyz

One of the most shocking moments at last night's WrestleMania 33 came when The New Day announced surprise entrants into the Raw Tag Team Championship ladder match - The Hardy Boyz. Not only did the legendary tag team make their WWE return, but they were triumphant, capturing the belts in the crowning achievement of their "expedition of gold."

Now, WWE.com has announced that the new Raw Tag Team Champions will be on Raw this evening. While last night marked Jeff's first WWE appearance since 2009 and Matt's first since 2010, both men were part of the Smackdown brand's roster as their tenures ended, meaning that this will mark the first time they appear on the flagship show as a unit in more than 10 years.

Also advertised for Raw is new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar, who dealt Goldberg his first-ever clean singles loss at WrestleMania in order to win the title. There is no word yet on how many other shows Lesnar is scheduled for, or if he'll be defending the title at Raw's next PPV event, April 30's Payback.


Neither Goldberg nor The Undertaker - who seemingly retired at the newsworthy show - are advertised for Raw.

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