WWE & AEW Interested In Impact Wrestling Standouts LAX?

Ortiz and Santana could be on their way to a major promotion.

Impact Wrestling

Ortiz and Satana have become major Impact Wrestling standouts since reviving the Latin American Xchange gimmick with manager Konnan (and, for a while, Diamante and Homicide) in March 2017, but the duo could soon find themselves on their way out of the promotion.

Per Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, LAX's Impact contracts expire sometime in the summer. Their departure would be a major, major blow for the former TNA as their name value has gone through the roof in 2019, and there is major interest from both AEW and WWE.

This version of LAX is the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in Impact Wrestling history. Now in their fourth reign, they've held the straps for 654 cumulative days, and 2019 has been a massive year for them in general with their critically acclaimed Lucha Brothers feud highlighting many a show.


AEW's interest likely comes from their focus on tag team wrestling, while WWE are out to sign anyone and everyone they can at the moment. Seeing the duo rock up in either promotion later in the year wouldn't be a big surprise. Still, Impact will do everything in their power to keep hold of them.

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