WWE Airs Masked Kane Return Promo During Raw

During last night's edition of Raw, the WWE aired a promo for a returning Kane that ended with his old mask burning on the ground. Some have speculated that this signifies and teases that Kane will return wearing his mask for the first time since 2003, however it's interesting to note that in the video the mask has been discarded on the floor and is burning out of existence. This could just be the WWE using a visual image of Kane to signify his return without showing his face in the early teasers (though his face does appear in the promo if you look closely) and doesn't at all necessarily mean a masked Kane is coming back. But clearly the WWE wanted us to think a Masked Kane was returning. During last night's Raw show, the official twitter feed for the WWE mentioned "Masked Kane" in an effort to get the term trending, and was also mentioned on the broadcast. Here's the video below and work it out for yourself. Does this mean a Masked Kane is coming back or just the plain old bald headed, creepy looking one? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH0mdKw4iFM&feature=player_embedded It should also be noted the masked shown is the half mask he wore in his latter days of wearing it, pictured below...

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