WWE Almost Gave The Vikings Raiders This CRAZY Gimmick

You won't believe this story involving WWE, The Viking Raiders and...OnlyFans.

Viking Raiders Raw

WWE almost introduced their very own take on OnlyFans for The Viking Raiders' Ivar back in 2020.

Former company writer Chris Dunn, who worked for WWE as a writer and producer between 2016-2021, told the 'Public Enemies Podcast' that the idea came up when creative "kind of accidentally made Ivar a ladies man character".

The original plan was to launch a dating website called "Vikings Only" for Ivar and base comedy skits around that. Someone in the writer's room pointed out that this might be taken as a spoof on OnlyFans though, so the name was quickly changed to "Vikings Mingle" instead.


Then, it was abandoned altogether.

Dunn revealed that this dating site concept was "in the script for seven to eight weeks". However, due to the ongoing craziness of the pandemic era throughout 2020, WWE booking changed "on the fly all the time". Ivar's would-be OnlyFans/Tinder knock off was shelved and never revisited.


WWE eventually tweaked The Raiders to make them more serious in 2022. They've since turned heel and been joined by Sarah Logan/Valhalla on TV, but don't seem to be in the running for tag belts right now.

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