WWE Almost Turned The Ultimate Warrior Or Hulk Hogan Heel

WrestleMania VI could've been VERY different...


As a gravelly-voiced Vince McMahon barked, WrestleMania VI was "The Uuuuuuultimate Challengggggge!" and a clash between two WWF superhero babyfaces.

The 1990 main event represented a risk for the company, because it'd mark the first time two fan favourites had ever met in the pay-per-view's money slot. That's why Vince, Pat Patterson and Bruce Prichard debated whether or not they should turn one man heel between January's Royal Rumble and 'Mania itself.

Both were considered.

Prichard revealed on the latest episode of his 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast that McMahon was hesitant to book a good guy vs. good guy epic. He much preferred hero vs. villain, and he was leaning towards the idea of Warrior becoming the first top heel to oust Hulk out of the title picture for good.

After much deliberation, McMahon changed his mind again and decided that fans wouldn't hate either man. As popular as 'Hulkamania' still was, Warrior was playing before massive cheers himself. Rushing a heel turn for the sake of it pre-'Mania was thrown out by the boss.

It's fascinating just to learn it was even considered at all. Would heel Hogan vs. babyface Warrior or treacherous Warrior vs. face Hulk have worked in '90? Probably not, but no-one will ever know.

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