WWE Alters 2018 PPV Schedule, Cancels Show

TLC shifts to make way for Australia super-show.


It looks as if NWA purists won't be tearing their hair out at WWE's titularly troubling 'Clash of Champions' come December, as the show has seemingly been nixed from the company's pay-per-view schedule.

PWInsider reported yesterday than the promotion have made a number of amendments to their 2018 programme, notably shifting TLC to December, turning the originally planned date at Boston's TD Garden on 21 October into a "WWE Live Supershow". The event - essentially a souped-up house show - is advertised to feature both Raw and SmackDown superstars, as well as Ronda Rousey.

The switch has presumably been made to accommodate WWE's Super Show-Down in Melbourne this October. As with the Greatest Royal Rumble, the event is destined for the WWE Network, and like the Jeddah jaunt, the financial bounty and potential record crowd means it takes precedence over run-of-the-mill fare. TLC will now be held in San Jose, CA, on 16 December.

The full, updated pay-per-view schedule is as follows:

15 July - Extreme Rules

19 August - SummerSlam

16 September - Hell in a Cell

6 October - WWE Super Show-Down

18 November - Survivor Series

16 December - TLC

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