WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (Jan 18)

7. Seven Days Left. Twenty Mysteries

Instead of revolving entire episodes of Raw around what Triple H and Stephanie are doing, WWE could be promoting their second biggest pay-per-view (from a buyrate standpoint) of the year. Last I checked Hunter and Steph don€™t have a match on the show, so that seems like a lot of wasted time. I mean, I could check again, but I don€™t they're booked. With less than 10 days to go, we don€™t even know 2/3rds of the wrestlers in the match! This is a serious failure on virtually every level of WWE. It€™s the most popular gimmick match of the year, and the company is still more concerned about power struggle storylines. This is about as bad of a promoting job as TNA did for Bound for Glory last year. How do we not know all the names so far (give or take a surprise or two)? Where is everyone? Roman Reigns announced himself as a participant in the match weeks ago. Shouldn€™t everyone have been running to get in front of a camera to say €œme too!€ Is that all it takes to join the match? In that case, can I get in on it?

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