WWE Announce Big NXT UK TV Deal

The move will see bring NXT UK to free-to-air television in Great Britain.


Rejoice, British wrestling fans, for WWE NXT UK is finally coming to television.

Per talkSPORT's Alex McCarthy, WWE has reached an agreement with Channel 5 that'll see NXT UK go out every Wednesday at 12am:-

While WWE is yet to publish an official report themselves, outlets like Deadline have since followed up with confirmation.

As well as bringing NXT UK to British television on a free-to-air channel, Channel 5 itself will host condensed one-hour versions of Raw and SmackDown over the weekend, with blue brand footage broadcasting at 10:30am on Saturdays and Raw at the same time on Sundays.

Channel 5's Vice President of Commercial, Digital, and Operations, James Tatam, said: “WWE has strong appeal throughout the UK and across generations so we’re very excited to be bringing their high-quality entertainment to an even bigger free-to-air audience in the UK.”

An interesting move, this, given that Raw and SmackDown have just started airing on BT Sport after years and years on Sky. It's also notable that WWE has scored a British TV deal for NXT UK before NXT proper as well, though it's probably safe to assume that they have something in the works for that as well.

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