WWE Announce HUGE Intercontinental Title Match For Next Week's SmackDown

There's one big reason to tune in on Friday...


WWE announced on Friday's episode of SmackDown that Matt Riddle will challenge AJ Styles for the latter's Intercontinental Title next week.

There wasn't much set-up for the bout; AJ was cutting a promo backstage when he was informed that Riddle would be his next hurdle. In typical smart-arsed heel fashion, Styles then berated the chance of this ex-NXT upstart beating him and poked fun at the fact he wrestles barefoot.



In better news, there's no way this match can fail in-ring. AJ is one of the best workers out there, and he'll surely be motivated to put on a show against someone like Riddle. Of course, WWE could book a screwy DQ or some other non-finish so that they can run a rematch at Extreme Rules.

That might actually be the plan. It'd make sense too, and be along the same lines of what happened on this week's show between New Day and the team of Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro.


For the record, Riddle didn't even appear on this week's SmackDown. Maybe he was warming up his "frost-bitten feet" (AJ's words) in anticipation for the big title shot.

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