WWE Announces Major SmackDown Star Injury

You won't be seeing this top SmackDown star on WWE TV for a while after Friday's show.

Sheamus The Bloodline

It looks like Sheamus is set for an extended period on the shelf following last night's episode of WWE SmackDown.

The show opened with the Irishman doing the honours for Bloodline newbie Solo Sikoa. After that loss, Sheamus had his head kicked in by the rest of the faction. Then, Jey Uso repeatedly smashed Sheamus' already-injured left arm with a steel chair against the ring steps.

Meanwhile, announcers Michael Cole and Wade Barrett sold the attack as major news. They're right - Sheamus has experienced something of a rebirth as a babyface following hot matches vs. IC Champ GUNTHER. Fans love the guy, but they won't be seeing him for a while.


It's possible that this kayfabe injury was designed to give Sheamus some well-earned time off and ready a Survivor Series: WarGames battle between The Bloodline and his Brawling Brutes squad. If so, then Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch would need to find a partner or two for the big pay-per-view showpiece.

Expect to see Ridge and Butch compete in the tag-team division (possibly even against The Usos) in the interim whilst Sheamus is off TV.

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