WWE Announces US Title Elimination Chamber, Several Wrestlers Qualify

Men's Chamber match will be for US title and feature a mix of superstars.

WWE Elimination Chamber

Austin Theory is set to defend his United States Championship inside the Elimination Chamber next month against five other superstars, with three of them decided Monday night on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins, Johnny Gargano and Bronson Reed all won qualifying matches Monday night to earn a spot in the chamber, with the final two spots being decided next week.

Rollins defeated Chad Gable in a competitive contest that saw the Olympian try to exploit an injured leg unsuccessfully. Gargano toppled Baron Corbin after Dexter Lumis broke out an axe and chopped JBL's hat - sadly not while he was wearing it. And Reed squashed Dolph Ziggler quite literally to punch his ticket.


Two of the three men have history with Theory, with Rollins having scrapped with him for several months off and on, and Gargano mentoring him in NXT and briefly feuding with Austin on Raw.


The last two spots will be filled via two singles matches next week, with Montez Ford facing Elias, and Angelo Dawkins battling Damian Priest.

Theory reportedly is programmed in to face John Cena at WrestleMania - and he dropped another hint Monday night, working "ruthless aggression" into his promo - but it's unclear if that would be for the US title or just a grudge match.

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