WWE Are Pushing Seth Rollins' New Nickname Hard

'Burn It Down' has been burned down.

Seth Rollins has changed up his Twitter bio to reflect a new nickname both he and WWE are pushing hard.

Forget 'The Architect', because Seth is now going by 'Monday Night Messiah'. There's even a snazzy new Jesus-inspired t-shirt available over at WWE Shop. It depicts Rollins as a stained glass painting, and shows the Raw star wearing a menacing stare, presumably into your soul.

Goodbye 'Burn It Down', it seems.


The reborn heel, who badly needed this realignment following the Bray Wyatt disaster late last year, won't be stomping his feet before landing Superkicks, and he won't be encouraging fans to sing along with his entrance theme either. Here's hoping WWE stop the religious stuff short at changing his theme to Reverend D-Von's.

Seth retweeted a silent video of the stained glass portrait and said, "This is my new favourite thing". Heel or not, he can look forward to sizeable merchandise checks during WrestleMania season.


All hail 'King' Corbin? Nah, mate. All hail the 'Monday Night Messiah', his AOP brethren, possibly Buddy Murphy and anyone else who links up with Rollins' new, cult-like movement.

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