WWE Auditioned Announcers By Showing Them Flashers

Giving new meaning to the words, "booby trap".

On the SummerSlam 1989 episode of his 'Something To Wrestle With' podcast, Bruce Prichard revealed that a deleted error from the broadcast ended up being part of his audition process for wannabe announcers.

Right at the top of the show, the cameras panned across the live crowd inside the Meadowlands Arena, and they accidentally snapped one female fan exposing her breasts. Obviously, that was cut from the tape in time for the show's VHS release, and it's missing from the WWE Network edit too.

Don't go looking.


Both Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura froze when the flasher pulled up her top on camera, and that's what Prichard wanted to test; if fledgling commentators could maintain their composure and continue announcing, then they had a shot. If they went silent for too long (like Tony and Jesse), then their ability to work under pressure would be questioned.

This method continued into the Attitude era when flashers were more common and sometimes even encouraged by groups like D-Generation X. That was a different, more controversial time, but it's stunning to think there was nudity on a pay-per-view in the late-80s.

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