WWE Axing The Wild Card Rule

After the rule has been abused for month, WWE is finally scrapping its Wild Card rule.

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Given that the rule has been made a mockery of since the first night it was launched earlier this year, WWE is now getting set to totally scrap the Wild Card rule.

For the eagle-eared of you out there, this past Monday’s Raw saw Michael Cole confirm that the Wild Card rule will be axed after the upcoming WWE Draft, while Tom Phillips echoed those sentiments on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown.

That aforementioned WWE Draft will commence on the October 11th episode of SmackDown Live before culminating on the October 14th Raw outing.

Of course, WWE introduced the Wild Card rule this past May – yet it almost immediately became a complete joke.

Upon being introduced, the Wild Card option afforded five talents the chance to appear on a different brand’s show. From the get-go, the Wild Card was doomed as even AJ Styles looked totally baffled as Vince McMahon himself did an in-ring segment to explain the rule. And even then, that initial announcement saw the Wild Card restricted to just four talents per show, before quickly being upped to five later that same night.

Within a week that whole ‘five’ number was a farce, and pretty much every single episode of Raw and SmackDown since has featured a lot more than five wrestlers from an opposing brand.

Now, this groan inducing call is finally being scrapped as WWE looks to establish a true exclusivity to its brands as SmackDown moves to Fox on October 4th.

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