WWE Bad Blood PPV Returning This July

Another old PPV returns, but where and when will it take place?

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WWE's revived brand split has seen the company bring a number of defunct pay-per-view names back to life. It started with Backlash and No Mercy last year, continued with Elimination Chamber in February, and at last night's SmackDown, the company announced Bad Blood's return.

The news was revealed to the live crowd during yesterday's taping, but it won't be a SmackDown PPV. Raw will host Bad Blood instead, with the event talking place at Hartford, CT's XL Center on Sunday, July 9th.

This will be the fourth WWE PPV to bear the Bad Blood name. Each of the three previous shows have played host to a Hell In A Cell match, including the stipulation's introduction in 1997, when Shawn Michaels fought The Undertaker. Kane's memorable WWE debut also took place in that particular match, and Michaels also closed the last Bad Blood PPV in a near hour-long HIAC bout with Triple H back in 2004.


The announcement means that we're likely just one event short of knowing WWE's full PPV schedule through SummerSlam (August 20th), with Payback (April 30th), Backlash (May 21st), Extreme Rules (June 4th), Money In The Bank (June 18th), and now Bad Blood all scheduled.

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