WWE Banned This Wrestler From Turning Heel

This WWE star had a lot of creative freedom, but he wasn't allowed to "turn bad".

John Cena

John Cena has revealed he had a lot of creative freedom during his prime years as a WWE headliner on top of the card. The only thing management wouldn't let Cena do? Turn heel. He was pretty much banned from ever suggesting it!

During an interview with Howard Stern, Cena said WWE flat out wouldn't entertain letting him "turn bad". Looking back, John thinks that put "limits on what [he was] capable of". It resulted in him effectively playing the same character for a longer spell than was probably necessary.


Of course, hardcore fans would grow to resent Cena's presentation and heavily boo him before that magically shifted yet again following an extended layoff. Every return to wrestling since has been greeted favourably by live crowds, which John appreciates.

Still, he would've loved the chance to find out what a heel run was like as a bonafide top guy in the company. It was never going to happen. Then-boss Vince McMahon had a simple philosophy when it came to Cena. He was the promotion's top babyface and that was very much that.


Experimenting with a heel shift was out of the question.

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