WWE Battleground 2015 Full Results

The Undertaker is back!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiwnyNS9S9Y WWE Battleground took place on Sunday night in front of a loud crowd in St. Louis that witnessed several long matches and an ending that no WWE fan is sure to forget. Here are the match results from the show. During the Kickoff Show, King Barrett defeated R-Truth. This is likely the end of their feud that went on for way too long. Randy Orton d. Sheamus - They had a very competitive match with the crowd firmly behind Orton because he's from St. Louis. Towards the end of the match, Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick, but Orton was smart enough to grab the ropes to avoid being pinned. Shortly after that, Orton hit a RKO out of nowhere to a big reaction and covered Sheamus for the win. Stephanie McMahon did an interview with Jojo where she announced a divas triple threat match for later in the show. Tag Team Titles: The Prime Time Players d. The New Day - It was Big E and Kofi Kingston for New Day with Xavier Woods yelling outside the ring. It was a clean win for the PTPers with O'Neil hitting a sitout spinebuster on Big E. There was a promo with Paige and her new friends Charlotte and Becky Lynch. They just talked about how they're together and will rebuild the entire divas division. Bray Wyatt d. Roman Reigns - It was a long match that went 23 minutes with Wyatt getting the win after Luke Harper attacked Reigns with Harper wearing a hoodie to cover his head. After Harper hit Reigns with a kick outside the ring, Wyatt nailed the Sister Abigail to win the match. Following the win, Wyatt posed with Harper over the fallen Reigns. The trio of Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina Snuka did a promo to set up the divas match. Charlotte d. Sasha Banks & Brie Bella - There were six divas outside the ring because of the three groups of three women that are together in WWE. They had a very competitive match with some big spots that led to "this is awesome" chants from the crowd. It went around 12 minutes, so they got more time than normal. It ended when Charlotte applied the Figure Eight submission on Brie for the tapout win. US Title: John Cena d. Kevin Owens - Another classic match to add to their previous major matches. This time the US Title was on the line. Cena retained even though Owens kicked out of the Attitude Adjustments three times, which included one instance where Cena hit the move off the middle turnbuckle. There were so many nearfalls in the match. After realizing he couldn't pin him, Cena applied the STF, Owens fought it off as much as he could until he eventually had to tap out. There was a segment with The Miz doing an in-ring promo about how Ryback was scared of him and Big Show should retire. Show walked out to the ring, said nothing and gave Miz the KO Punch to knock him out and end the segment. WWE Title: Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar ended in a no contest - The match only went about 10 minutes with Lesnar dominating with over a dozen suplexes. When Lesnar hit the F5 on Rollins, the lights went out and The Undertaker showed up for the first time since WrestleMania. He had a staredown with Lesnar while Rollins and he referee left the ring even though it was a WWE Title match. Undertaker received a huge ovation from the crowd. He kicked Lesnar in he groin to get an advantage, which is usually a move for heels. In this case, it was likely done to give him a cheap way to attack Lesnar. That led to Undertaker hitting a Chokeslam followed by two Tombsone piledrivers. The show ended with Undertaker celebrating what he did while Lesnar was out in the ring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A27pbhIQpdI

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