WWE Battleground 2017: 9 Results Predictions

Who'll be bamboo-zled in the Punjabi Prison?

BG Results 2

Somewhat dishearteningly, it seems WWE have dropped the beautiful polychromatic logo for this year's Battleground (seen above) in favour of one with sole emphasis on India. The US flag isn't to be found on the revision, despite the stars and stripes representing the agitating belligerents in two of the card's matches. Perhaps the rainbow flag, in this week of all weeks, seemed at odds with the xenophobic, war-mongering nature of the show, in which respect for all nations is disregarded in favour of petty nationalism which must be settled in a ring? Or a cage made of bamboo.

But in the spirit of equality, I'm going to continue using this multi-colour variant. There's great pride in battle, after all.

As for the actual contents of the show, it's perhaps most telling that for the past two weeks, I've repeatedly referred to it as 'Backlash'. Except for the obviously brilliant reintroduction of the Punjabi Prison, it's scarcely distinguishable from the May show. Jinder Mahal is up against Randy Orton. Kevin Owens and AJ Styles are battling over the US title. Aiden English and Tye Dillinger are still feuding. The women have been lumped into one big match. It could easily have been called WWE Backlash: Flashback.

The only saving grace is that Erick Rowan is nowhere to be seen. Oh, and there's a Punjabi Prison match! And people say Jinder Mahal has brought nothing to WWE as champion.

9. Tye Trounces The Imperfect Tenor

BG Results 2

Tye Dillinger has been battling with Aiden English on SmackDown since before the first blooms of spring, their first meeting occurring way back in April. Since then, they've clashed twice more before the cameras, with Dillinger emerging victorious from both. Decimal devotee that he is, perhaps Tye is aiming for a perfect ten?

The have also been regular dance partners on the house show circuit, with 'The Artiste' yet to hit any high notes during their programme. Quite what purpose it serves to have English repeatedly lose to the same man is anyone's guess, but form suggests that'll be the case again here. Another English lesson from Tye.

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Editorial Team

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