WWE Battleground 2017: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

At least the tag match didn't suck...

Jinder Mahal Battleground 2017

Well, that was definitely a WWE PPV alright. WWE Battleground has come and gone for another year, and though expectations were pretty low for the on-paper card, WWE almost impressively delivered a show that sank far below what even more cynical fans were banking on.

Likely to be remembered as one of the worst WWE shows of the last few years, under the Road Dogg's peculiar booking this was full of needless wonky finishes, matches that grossly outstayed their welcome, and criminal wastes of incredible in-ring talent.

No, it's not quite December to Dismember terrible as some more dramatic wrestling fans may claim, but it's still a depressing sign of the times all the same, that there are too many WWE PPVs, and the creative minds have only the most cursory, perfunctory level of respect for their paying fans. What a joke...

8. WWE Title - Punjabi Prison Match: Jinder Mahal (c) Vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton Jinder Mahal

Result: With the help of The Great Khali, Mahal manages to escape to retain the title (27:40).

Rating: Ah, the Punjabi Prison. Visibility was an issue here both at home and in the arena (explaining the mostly dead crowd), and the messy, convoluted match rules only further made this slog of a match an absolute chore to watch.

Predictably, the Singh Brothers got involved, and though fans got a solid table bump out of it, it was a brief bright spot in a brutally sluggish and overlong match, all the worse as the show was already running long.

Neither Mahal nor Orton seemed to be putting much effort in here, and the match is destined to be remembered for the hilarious/awful ending. At least The Great Khali could climb the cage, which is surely more than just about anyone expected. 3/10


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