WWE Blocking AEW From Running Cincinnati Arena?

Another shot across AEW's bow in the new wrestling war.


WWE's existing working relationship with Cincinnati, Ohio's Heritage Bank Center could prevent All Elite Wrestling from attempting to run the building going forward.

This is according to a new report on Fightful Select stating that AEW had tried to book the Heritage Bank Center in the past, only to be knocked back on account of their agreement with WWE.

The writeup also states that Jon Moxley, a Cincinnati native, had been pushing for his home promotion to run the area, with the hope that they'd be able to host a show in the Heritage Bank Center specifically. Now, if the venue holds their stance, they'll have to find somewhere else.

WWE's last show in the Heritage Bank Center was a December 2019 house show. They have previously used it for special events like Cyber Sunday 2006 and Starrcade 2018. For AEW, hitting the city could mean finding a different building.

AEW held their first Ohioan show on 29 January, with Dynamite hitting Cleveland's Wolstein Center for the broadcast. Moxley received a hero's welcome from his home state crowd and one can only assume that the decibel level would be even greater if they ran Cincinnati.

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