WWE Books HUGE Return On Friday's SmackDown

Someone big time is back on WWE SmackDown, and they're challenging for gold!

Charlotte Flair 2023

Charlotte Flair made her grand return on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown.

The 'Queen' interrupted Asuka's new Women's Title presentation to throw her name in the hat for a crack at the champ somewhere down the road. WWE then moved swiftly to announce that Asuka vs. Flair will happen on the go home edition of TV before Money In The Bank.


That match will happen on 30 June (24 hours before the pay-per-view).

Charlotte hadn't been seen on company television since losing the SmackDown Women's Title to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39. She's back though, and has been immediately thrust back into the championship chat. This time, she's gunning for Asuka's new prize.


A title switch on 30 June is unlikely, but fans shouldn't rule it out completely. It's also interesting that Flair has returned as a babyface - her prior run in that role flopped, chiefly because Charlotte has always been way more comfortable as a heel.

It remains to be seen if she'll stay face going forwards, or if this is a short-term thing to burn through another match with Asuka. Stay tuned for more on that!


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