WWE Bracing For MAJOR Return "Soon"?

It might not be too long before you see THIS wrestler back on WWE television.

Bray Wyatt

WWE legend and former gimmicky tax man Mike Rotunda says fans shouldn't believe everything they read on the internet about his son Bray Wyatt. Then, adding fuel to the fires of speculation surrounding his boy, Mike said Bray would return to the company "shortly".

Rotunda told SportsKeeda at WrestleCon that he's hopeful of seeing Wyatt back on screens rather soon. Recent reports state that Bray has been battling a "life-threatening illness" since vanishing from TV earlier this year before WrestleMania 39 - Mike didn't go into details about that, but did tease a huge comeback.



If anybody would know what's really happening with Bray, it's a close family member. His dad might just be trying to keep people interested by giving them something tasty during a fan signing event, but he'll have the word on Wyatt's current status.


Bray hasn't been seen since disappearing during setup for an apparent match vs. Bobby Lashley at 'Mania. WWE shelved that, and there's no guarantees that they'll return to it should Wyatt return after all. His entire future is very-much up in the air these days, but his health is paramount.

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Bray Wyatt
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