WWE Bringing Couple Back For...A Reality TV Show?!

Does Triple H really want to re-sign this couple for a WWE reality show?

Matt Cardona Chelsea Green

The Wrestling Observer claims that WWE is weighing up possible moves for Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green in the near future. Their main role? To star in a reality TV show series on E!

According to Dave Meltzer, the company is about to strike a deal with E! for a reality series focused on real-life pro wrestling couples. It's believed both Green and Cardona would be perfect for that - WWE has been expected to re-sign Chelsea for a while now, and Matt has been talking to the press about listening to what Triple H had to say if the new WWE boss fancied a chat.

Of course, both Green and Cardona could ink deals for the E! series without becoming WWE full-timers on the road again. That's possible, but it'd probably make more sense to have them wrestle as well. Anyone who has kept tabs on their respective in-ring careers since departing WWE could tell you that both would contribute heavily there.


The Observer notes that upcoming signings could be influenced by the reality TV show deal. Calling all pro wrestling couples out there!

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