WWE Cardiff Live - 10 Interesting Observations

The announcement of Seth Rollins' injury didn't go down well with WWE fans in Wales.

As they do twice a year, every year, WWE once again returned to Cardiff (the home of Doctor Who and Sherlock in case the name rings a bell but you're not sure where you've heard it before) on Thursday evening for WWE Live. The second night of the company's two week tour of Europe, the event attracted an interesting mixture of devoted WWE fans and a lot of youngsters just as passionate about the product. With John Cena originally scheduled to headline the night, it was a little light on star power, something not helped by the fact that Seth Rollins couldn't be there due to his recent injury. In fact, the absence of the now former WWE World Heavyweight Champion seemingly left the card in chaos. That was evident from a fairly major shake up which led to things playing out very differently to how things went down in Dublin, Ireland the night before (not to mention a new main event which didn't exactly receive the most positive of responses when it was first announced). However, that was far from the weirdest thing which happened during the night, and this was without a doubt one of the most unique house shows I've ever been to.

10. Ric Flair Gets Booed Out Of The Building

 Due to the lack of star power on this half of the WWE's European Tour, both Ric Flair and Kane were added at the last minute. While the Nature Boy received a strong response to kick off the show, that soon changed when he announced that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins would not be appearing due to injury. While he didn't go into specifics, the crowd did not react well, and his announcement was met with a strong chorus of boos from a group of fans clearly excited to see the self proclaimed Future of the WWE in action. Flair mentioned that those in attendance were welcome to go to the box office and ask for a refund before the end of the first match, and the reaction he received when he asked why anyone would want to do that when the new main event was Big Show vs. Kane in a Street Fight was understandably a very muted one (he also bafflingly claimed that The Big Show had been flown in specially following Rollins injury). The always excellent New Day appeared shortly after, and after failing to get the Nature Boy to dance with them, gestured for him to leave. He was probably more than glad to by that point!
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