WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Challenges Tyson Fury?

And Chris Sutton!

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Drew McIntyre has been WWE Champion less than 24 hours (well, if you discount the fact his triumph was recorded several weeks ago), yet he already has sizeable challengers knocking on his similarly sizeable door.

Lineal Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury - who had a match in WWE against Braun Strowman back at Super Showdown - is one such man eyeing a tilt against the big Scot. Fury posted on Twitter earlier 'accepting' an apparent challenge from McIntyre, following comments the new champ made on talkSPORT this morning.

McIntyre was on the phone to talk his big WrestleMania triumph, during which the Rangers fan joked that he'd like to take on divisive football pundit Chris Sutton. He then set his crosshairs on Fury, who was also set to feature on the show.


"I know Tyson Fury is on the show today as well. I need to bring up Fury because he was talking trash about me," said Drew.

He went on, "He didn't care who won the match, he thought I was going to win and thinks he can smash me. Just let him know [...] I've won the championship, now I'm paying attention to you."


So it's more a bit of friendly back-and-forth than a legitimate challenge, but given Fury's association with WWE, it's 100% within the realms of possibility.

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