WWE Changed Tanga Loa's Name On SmackDown

Triple H and WWE decided to give Tanga Loa the slightest tweak on this week's SmackDown.

The Bloodline Solo Sikoa Paul Heyman Tama Tonga Tanga Loa

New Bloodline recruit and Backlash debutant Tanga Loa received a quiet name change on this week's episode of WWE SmackDown. Those unfamiliar with Loa's work before he burst onto the scene during a tag-team brawl over in France may barely have noticed.

Now, Tanga has been changed to Tonga. Fightful reports that WWE filed a trademark for both spellings of the name, but Triple H has decided to go with Tonga. That, of course, brings Loa in line with fellow Bloodline member Tama Tonga; his father Haku once went by the names King Tonga and even Tama Tonga (just to confuse things further, eh?!).


So, to recap, this retooled Bloodline lineup includes Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. Don't expect WWE to flit between Tonga and Tanga even though they've copyrighted both though. That'd just get messy, and wouldn't make much sense anyway.

Both Tongas are part of Solo's offshoot version of the Roman Reigns-led faction. Their actions on screen have horrified Paul Heyman, but Sikoa informed the Hall Of Famer that Reigns has put him in charge on this week's SmackDown.


The plot thickens.

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