WWE Claims Women's Tag-Team Titles Are CURSED!

Triple H might've been poking fun at WWE booking with this new storyline.

Alba Fyre Isla Dawn

NXT > SmackDown draftees Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre have taken credit for "cursing" WWE's Women's Tag-Team Titles.

The Scottish pair popped up in a pre-taped vignette on this week's episode of the show to imply they'd put a curse out on the belts long ago, which would explain why the division has been crippled by numerous injuries over the years.


Now, fans online are wondering one thing: Is Triple H poking fun at previous WWE booking? If so, then it's some laugh. 'The Game' surely knows that those Women's Tag straps have been less-than-stellar since debuting in 2019. In fact, the company's handling of the belts has often been... flat out rubbish.

Dawn and Fyre are weaving this into their latest story by suggesting they cursed the things and caused mayhem. Apparently, that extends to hexing the writers and causing them to pen mediocre title reign after mediocre title reign too.


Who knew?!

Seriously though, this could be a lot of fun if it's something WWE decides to run with. Dawn and Fyre definitely deserve some TV time to see if they can make the best of it and kickstart their main roster careers.


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