WWE Clash Of Champions 2017: 8 Things WWE Got Right

Thank God we didn't get a 'Jinder Mahal: WWE Champion' rerun before 2018...

Clash Of Champions was another of those gap-filler pay-per-views for WWE. The sheer amount of ads for the Royal Rumble that aired throughout the show should have given the game away; it was almost like the creative team were telling viewers not to care about anything that happened here, because it's almost time for the 'Road To WrestleMania' anyway.

It's a real credit to the SmackDown roster then (especially those towards the top of the card) that Clash Of Champs still held some intrigue. The obvious burning question was whether or not Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens could hope to keep their jobs when arch nemesis Shane O'Mac was the special referee. To add further drama, Daniel Bryan was a second official.

This power struggle scenario successfully dragged the tag match from throwaway TV fare to worthwhile PPV offering. WWE may also wish to give AJ Styles some sort of Christmas bonus for doing the same with the main event. His world-class ability injected some urgency into the predictable Jinder Mahal formula and sent fans home happy...

8. Only Teasing A Bobby Roode US Title Win

Bobby Roode Dolph Ziggler

As much as fans inside the TD Garden wanted it to happen, there's no rush to make Bobby Roode a champion on WWE's main roster. Truthfully, it was hard to see the 'Glorious' one winning when he was booked so strongly on the lead-in episode of SmackDown. That telegraph booking was out in force, and it didn't favour Roode.

The ex-TNA and NXT man had his stand out moments in the match though, and he was clearly the most popular choice amongst fans to win the US Title. When Bobby hit that big DDT on Dolph, it was the ultimate tease from creative. Those in Boston bought it too, and they were furious with Baron Corbin for interrupting the resultant pin.

Ziggler's eventual win was a shock that left some in attendance feeling deflated. It was the right call however, and certainly better than hot-shotting a mid card title onto Roode just for the sake of it. His time will come, and (rather fittingly) it'll be glorious due to this wait.


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