WWE Clash Of Champions 2019: 20 Things You Probably Missed

Crummy ref bumps, inverted championships and WWE's chronic(le) mistakes...

The staff at Charlotte's Spectrum Center listened to Bray Wyatt's "Let Me In" cries, and his 'Fiend' is now poised to become Seth Rollins' next Universal Title challenger.

That showdown is likely to take place at WWE's next supershow, Hell In A Cell. Whether or not they decide to place 'Fiend' vs. Champ inside the titular Cell is anyone's guess, but it would certainly fit Wyatt's off-the-wall, creepy gimmick, and it'd give Rollins a minor excuse should he drop the belt in Sacramento on 6 October.

Wyatt's show-closing attack on Seth was unmissable to anyone watching the pay-per-view, but don't worry, because there are 20 things you totally might've missed here. It's a good old-fashioned mixed bag of stuff too; there are brutal insults, ref mistakes aplenty, history-making title wins, throwback ring attires, production mistakes and more to look at.

Adding to that, one superstar decided to do his best to wreck the Clash Of Champions stage set, another channeled her inner Val Venis (!?), someone else questioned his billed weight and WWE themselves ended the night with a gaffe that'd make Vince McMahon spitting mad...


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