WWE Clash Of Champions 2020: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Nothing got close to that ladder match.

Jeff Hardy Sami Zayn

There's no denying that expectations weren't exactly high for this year's Clash of Champions show, especially given the unexpected card shuffling which had taken place.

And while this was hardly a spectacularly memorable PPV - outside of that all-timer opening Ladder Match, of course - it at least delivered the average, acceptable goods for the most part.

With plenty of solid bouts and just a single dud match among the bunch - albeit hardly an offensively bad one - Clash of Champions did more than enough to satisfy.

However, it's also fair to say that it was ultimately more successful as a night of compelling storytelling and character development than a consistent athletic showcase.

As a result the night certainly did good things for many superstars - especially Roman Reigns - even if the matches themselves weren't always stellar and too often outstayed their welcome.

Above all else, though, it paints a compelling picture moving ahead to next month's Hell in a Cell event...


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